Our repertoire

Our dance style is fundamentally Cotswold Morris. We perform our own version of several dances from the Bampton and Upton upon Severn traditions. We also have our own tradition called “Medup’. Our dance repertoire is constantly developing and growing. We have recently reinterpreted some of the dances to comply with Covid distancing restrictions, which has led to some interesting developments.

Medup Stick Dances:

Cuckoo’s Nest 
Glossop Road
Idbury Hill
Over the Hills
Strike the Bell
The Union
Baldrick’s Fancy
Langsett Joy
Langsett Stick Dance

Medup Hanky Dances:

Langsett Hanky
Langsett Bonfire
Innocent Hare
Green Arrows
LeapfrogLittle Boney
Mal de Mer
Nottingham Lil
Old Trout
Sheffield Piper

Bampton Hanky Dances:

Country Gardens
Barry’s Fancy
Bobbin Around
Chicken Chasing
Flowers of Edinburgh
Maid of the Mill
Speed the Plough
Step and Fetch Her
Bonny Green Garters

Upton upon Severn Dances:

Upton upon Severn Stick dance
Upton upon Severn Hanky dance
Upton upon Rother